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Below you will find sermons for streaming or download. These files are in .mp3 format which can be played on any Windows or Macintosh computer with built-in or free software, or on mobile devices such as MP3 players or smartphones.

Sermons are usually available Sunday evening, or within a few days after they are recorded.

Due to copyright laws and our CCLI license, only the sermons are included in the audio. If you'd like to listen to the complete service with all the music, prayers, and liturgy, contact the church for a CD copy of the service.

By clicking on the sermon title below, your audio software should begin streaming the file within a few seconds. However if your software doesn't allow streaming or you would prefer to download the file for listening later, the files are 10-20 Megabytes in size and will take approximately 30 mins to download over dialup or 3-5 minutes over DSL or cable. To download, right-click on the title and select "Save target as". Then you may save the file to your hard drive.

NOTE: Sermon audio includes an introduction with music courtesy of Nathan Clark George. "Psalm 111 Reprise" can be found on his CD "Words for Everyday".

Check out our Media Archive page for sermons for previous years - back to 2008. Older sermons may be available upon request on CD.

Date Title / Length / Size Speaker Scripture
01/06/2019 Our Light Has Come * Rev David Fischler Isaiah 60:1-6
01/13/2019 The Trinity Manifested * Rev David Fischler Luke 3:21-22
01/20/2019 Services were cancelled due to winter weather
01/27/2019 Principles of Stewardship * Rev David Fischler Exodus 35:4-10, 20-29
02/03/2019 The Cheerful Giver * Rev David Fischler 2 Corinthians 8:1-8, 9:6-10
02/10/2019 Hiding from God * Rev David Fischler Jonah 1:1-16
02/17/2019 A Miracle of Repentance * Rev David Fischler Jonah 3:1-10
02/24/2019 Grasping God’s Graciousness * Rev David Fischler Jonah 4:1-11
03/03/2019 Praying on the Mount * Rev David Fischler Luke 9:28-36
03/10/2019 Coping with Temptation * Rev David Fischler Luke 4:1-13
03/17/2019 The Greatest, The Servant * Rev David Fischler Luke 22:34-40
03/24/2019 The Way of Truth * Rev David Fischler John 18: 28-38
03/31/2019 The Way of Love * Rev David Fischler John 15:9-17
04/07/2019 The Way of Suffering * Rev David Fischler Isaiah 53:1-12
04/14/2019 Accusations * Rev David Fischler Luke 23:1-49
04/21/2019 Impossibly True * Rev David Fischler Luke 24:1-12
04/28/2019 Characteristics of Disciples - Part 1 * Rev Mark Kirk Matthew 5:1-5
05/05/2019 Characteristics of Disciples - Part 2 * Rev Mark Kirk Matthew 5:1-5
* Coming Soon